Message by the Chairman BOGs

At the zenith of Salt Range in western Punjab in the district of Khushab lies Soon Sakesar Valley, inhabited by Awan tribe. A few dozen villages of this valley contain population of about 0.2 million people who are well known for their piety, uprightness, bravery and hard work. Soon Sakesar Valley has produced saints, writers, poets and large number of distinguished soldiers making this valley famous as region of the martial race.

Religious education has been a speciality amongst the Awans. A few schools and couple of colleges have sprung up to impart education. But a residential English medium institution, to impart quality education has been a crying need of the children of this scenic valley. This college will not only benefit, the people of Soon Sakesar Valley, but will also facilitate the populace of adjacent districts of Punjab Province and the country as a whole.

I feel privileged as Chairman Board of Governors of Cadet College Khushab and pray to Almighty Allah for His blessings that this institution may produce the great intellect, the men with character and leadership, Pakistan needs so earnestly.