In the present era, education has become multidimensional, multidisciplined and challenging. For promotion and wide spread of education, a number of public schools and cadet colleges are being opened under dynamics of society to move Pakistan into comity of advanced nations. Cadet College Khushab is one such attempt that aims at providing quality education in peaceful and disciplined environments, to turn a child of today into a meaningful citizen of tomorrow for the benefit of local populace in particular and the whole society in general. First phase of construction (already completed in 2012) comprises massive academic and residential blocks somewhat a replica of historic main block of Lawrence College, Murree built way back in 1860 and a residential block for staff. The institution aims at preparing cadets for Matric / F.Sc examinations of Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education, with a plan to introduce parallel O / A Level (Cambridge) stream at a later stage.


The institution is located on Khushab Sakesar road near Khurra village in the vicinity of Naushera, a Tehsil of District Khushab, in a semi mountainous terrain, in Salt Range at a height of 3000 feet. It is in the heart of scenic and cool valley of Pakistan, namely Soon Sakesar.
The institution presents highly conducive and congenial enrovirnment for studies as the area is highly peaceful, secure and serene with pollution free healthy atomosphere. Winter is a bit severe, but weather during summer is very pleasent as temperature never rises beyond tolerable limits. 
The place is also very attractive for its natural beauty as Soon Sakesar Valley is famous for natural lakes, forests and beautifull hill tops laden with trees and vegetable fields.