Co-curricular activities form a very important part of formal training. Apart from learning a number of useful skills, the students develop self-reliance and confidence in themselves and the institution through these activities.

Public Speaking and Conversation
To enrich the students with different forms of speech, every class /cadet is given public speaking and conversation topics. This inculcates the habit of clear and purposeful thinking in the cadets.

Inter-House Contests
Inter-house declamation, debates, essay writing, short story writing, Qiraat / Hamd-o-Naat and Quiz Competitions are held every year under the auspices of the English Literary Society and Bazm-e-Adab. All the houses participate with enthusiasm and high spirit of competition to prove their excellence over the others.

Literary Pursuits
English Literary Society and Bazm-e-Adab provide a forum where cadets present their own creative writings in different forms, which reveal their intellectual capabilities and creative sensibilities.

Training Dinners
Dinner nights are arranged with a view to provide opportunities to cadets to socialize with their peers, teachers and guests in a formal manner. Not only certain goals of etiquette are accomplished through these formal dinners, the cadets also develop a sense of refinement in social behaviour.

Games and Sports
Games and sports are essential to keep the cadets mentally and physically fit. It is compulsory for every cadet to take active part in at least one major game. A special games period is an indispensable part in the daily schedule to give all the cadets an opportunity to adopt sports of their choice. The college has adequate and well maintained sports fields. The main sporting activities are football, basketball, badminton, volleyball, cricket, athletics and gymnastics.

Sports Fixtures
To inculcate a sense of competition and sportsman spirit among the cadets, sports fixtures are planned with similar institutions.

Morning PT
To ensure optimum level of physical fitness of all cadets, morning PT is organized on daily basis. The morning PT is conducted by the college Sports Staff / PTIs.

Drama Club, Electronics Club, Science Club, Fine Arts Club and Computer Club provide opportunities for the development of students’ personality, skill and extend expression to their talent. In addition, tours/visits and excursions to places of interest, hiking, dramatics, painting and musical performances are arranged to create the urge to prone natural abilities for future possibilities.

Parents’ Day
Every year usually in the last week of March, Annual Parents’ Day / Prize Distribution Ceremony are held. The Function includes PT Display, Gymnastics and Prize Distribution. The day also includes Clubs’ Exhibition and Parents Teacher meeting.